The other day, while in Ohio visiting family, a conversation came up about a car wash in the neighborhood with a dog wash.

As a writer and permanent child – can you imagine the visual that popped into my mind?

IMAG1552 (Large)

When I was young, I fondly remember a full-service car wash, on Post Oak in Houston, that was always fun to visit. As you stood inside, at the window, you could view your car, and everyone else’s as they were washed. I remember watching in awe as the cars would be pulled along the track, conveyor-style, through a long tunnel and go through a half a dozen or so stations along the way. The first station was the pre-rinse, just getting the car wet, then the soap, then the spinning brush thing for the top, then the spinning brushes for the side. After that there was a rinse, then a spray wax, then the big air dryer.

carwashconveyor (Large)

Children don’t get to see that these days. Yes you get to sit inside the car in small gas station car washes, but it is just the one machine that does the entire job. It’s still cool, but I will always remember the various stations of the wash cycle and just being captivated by the entire process.

I mention this, because this is precisely what popped into my head when I heard of the car and pet wash.

I literally envisioned, various pet owners standing at the window watching as their dogs of all breeds, sizes and colors, were being pulled along the track going through the various stations of the pet wash.bth_bloodhound_shaking_of_a_lc

I saw a muddy Labrador in the first section getting the pre-rinse, ears dangling down as water dripped down his nose, the wet mud flowing towards a grate.

Just in front of him was a white poodle getting sprayed with white foamy suds that you just couldn’t decipher if you were seeing the soap suds or her fur.

In front of her was grey Great Dane, enjoying himself thoroughly as the spinning brushes rolled down his back and tail. I could even see the spray of water flicking off the end of his tail because he was wagging it.

And then finally at the lead a retriever, shaking the excess water off as the air dryer started up on the front dog which just happened to be a Shar Pei with his wrinkles flopping in the wind exposing a great big smile.

dogwind (Large)

I know it was ridiculous.

Like that would be a real thing… but how cool would that have been? Can you see it? Can you envision it with me?

I just had to share.