A friend of mine’s young daughter suggested I write a book about how animals are grouchy too. Obviously, there was someone in her ‘circle’ whom she thought was being grouchy, but that is neither here nor there.

I always try to be a positive person and smile as much as I can, I realize we all have off days and feel a little grouchy sometimes. Sometimes others cause our mood, sometimes we just wake up on the wrong side of the bed, and sometimes a life full of annoyances keep us in perpetual grouchiness.

While I had always considered humans capable of the emotion, I hadn’t put much thought into it coming from animals. Yet there are definitely angry cats, furious because we tried bathing them or rubbed them the wrong way (literally). And we always throw the bear into the mix just because the phrase coexists together, grouchy as a bear. Now there are angry birds, the game as well as the dive-bombing blue jays and with that being said, I am sure there are others.

Yet as a dog owner, I am used to seeing smiling faces. When I feed my turtles, they always look happy. Even the squirrels and deer look more with anticipation than grouch. But I did a search for grouchy animals and found it happens a lot. Of course the next thought that comes to mind is: what caused them to look so angry and did it have anything to do with us humans? Do animals get angry at other animals?

Things that make you go… grrrrrrr

grouchy animals