I used to play Monopoly with a young friend of mine. He was actually very good. He would buy a property and immediately put a hotel on it that way he can get the largest amount of rent. I would buy a property and maybe put a house on it, that way I could get some rent but I was going out a whole bunch of money every single time I landed a new property. This made him for the most part win, because every time I landed on one of his properties I had to pay big!

However, a lot of times, towards the end of the game, he would be out of money and he would have to mortgage his property to pay my rents.


The problem with this entire scenario is the fact that first you start the game with a ton of money. Basically you start out rich. You’re not in debt from school loans. You’re not scrimping to save for your first car. You are not just starting out having to work to earn your money.

Granted you make $200 when you pass go. I guess that’s like Friday pay day. But they didn’t take into account the modern enticements that are all around us. Like the desire for a new car piece or bling for your hat. Maybe some of the properties should be buy an iPhone or some new shoes.

In fact you should go around the game board at least once doing odd jobs or building up debt until you make your way to the pass go point and make your first $200. Start building up a savings before you buy your property and then you have to work hard and go around the block a couple more times whenever you want to upgrade, because not everybody is born rich in our real Monopoly world.

It just seems like it should be modified some for children in this day and age. Not just a new theme, a new perspective.