Our pastor this Sunday was discussing “The Purpose Driven Life” where the author used the illustration of a baseball diamond as the progression of a Christian life.

1st Base: bring people to faith where they give their life to Christ.

2nd Base: We help them grow in Christ through Sunday School.

3rd Base: We help them understand how they can use their gifts to help in the world.

Home: Finally send them out into the world to work their mission.

Personally, I thought that was rather advanced; especially 1st base being, giving their life to Christ right up front without knowing anything. In fact, my first thought was, that seems like Pro-Ball instead of where I feel I am in; the Junior League.

Pro-Ball vs Junior League

Then she started discussing turning the diamond on its head, which did make more sense, show them the mission, have them use their gifts, learn more at Sunday School THEN give their life to Christ. I liked that better, but still came to one very generic conclusion, in either scenario…

you still have to step up to the bat.

Whether you jump in both feet first or dip a toe to test the waters, you have to at least give it a try. That’s where I go back to the Junior league. In the junior league you are playing. You are giving the whole game a chance. There are more opportunities to play, more time to get to know the game and build a like for it. THEN if you feel like advancing for the pros you take the Walk to Emmaus or extra classes and do the cannon ball.

I know the church is hoping you advance to the pros, but personally, I hope you at least try playing the game. You never know if you’ll like it unless you try it, and I must say,

that run to first base is exhilarating!