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Play the Find the Trolls Game

Count the Trolls Game

In our latest book “Hamilton Troll meets Starlit Troll” Hamilton learns he’s not the only troll in the world. In fact, there is even a game inside the latest book! Buy the book to play the game. –

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Starlit Troll sharing stories by the campfire

Don’t you wish you know what they were talking about? Gathered around the campfire with friends, sharing stories… You can! Get your own copy of “Hamilton Troll meets Starlit Troll” today! –

Is prayer, perception?


Today at church our pastor was teaching us about prayer.  It led to a conversation with someone after church, whom I only know in passing.  A conversation that stayed with me through lunch, through folding laundry, vacuuming and through writing this post.  What I learned may only be for me, but I felt it was insightful […]

Let’s Celebrate Unicorn Day!!!


So my illustrator mentioned there was a Unicorn Day and she believed it was on February 11th. But before I added it to my calendar – I did a little research, just to confirm. Did you know there is a National Unicorn Day AND an International Unicorn Day? Did you know cultures from all over […]

Another Young Entrepreneur – Photography


Such beautiful photographs… Such an amazing eye… The color, the definition… I was drawn to her photos. Then when I realized she was another amazing young entrepreneur, setup as a vendor trying to sell her work, I couldn’t help but want to help. I told her she needs to setup a website, look into creating […]

A Thank you letter from the kids


I just wanted to share this. I received it about a month ago and thought it was adorable. The Sunshine Cottage is a school for deaf children and the entire day was amazing! The technology, the children, the facility. I was quite impressed and very favorably received. It was a wonderful day – one I […]

Ice Cream for Aliens


We all know about Blue Bell.  The sad, sad day that left the ice cream shelves barren… We all know the wait that endured as cleaning and testing took place… We all know that production has commenced and it’s only a matter of time… But did we know the REAL reason Blue Bell disappeared from […]

Cherries and the Generation Gap


I don’t know WHY I wrote this – but I thought it was pretty good. Of course, I’m my biggest fan. Generation A: We found wild cherries. Picked them. Jarred them. Sold the excess and bought a bag of flour to make a cherry pie. Generation B: We kept the seeds from the cherries and […]

How to Write Great Dialogue


I’ve read quite a few articles and posts lately regarding dialogue and was shocked at how many people have issue with writing conversation. Writing a conversation is one of the easiest things to do (in my opinion) … but maybe it’s because I am crazy enough to talk to myself. Many of the tips and […]

About The Painting – My Latest Novel

painted canvas (Medium)

We start our lives as a blank canvas.   It’s our diverse experiences that add color and definition to our painting. Gerald’s world was often harsh and challenging.  Feelings of loneliness and isolation were normal for him. The people in his life didn’t understand him and as a result, often ignored him, or refused to […]

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