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All authors suffer from OCS


You are probably wondering what OCS is. It’s a coined diagnosis my husband gave me a while back. It stands for Only Child Syndrome. OCS sufferers are used to getting their way. Without siblings to compete with, you ask for a new toy and get it, primarily because mom can afford one toy just not […]

A Whitaker Owl Poem


Blessed with talent – that’s how I feel, when I think ’bout what we’ve done is surreal. 10 books and counting – 11 on the way, I do what I love, what a wonderful day! So my illustrator, Leigh A. Klug is not only super talented with her ability to illustrate the most captivating faces she […]

Writing Prompts! “The rain was…”


Hello again. Here’s another writing prompt to get those fingers typing. Have fun with it and leave your few sentences in the comments below. “The rain was coming down so hard…” the windshield wipers simply could not keep up. I had them on high and felt like I was in a submarine under water. I […]

Finding an editor for your book


You’ve written your book. It’s awesome! It’s 300+ pages of excellent story that you are absolutely certain everyone is going to want to read and will love – but is it REALLY finished? Have you edited it? I’m not talking about using the spelling and grammar check in Word. I’m not talking about reading through […]

Another Awesome Website


I am super excited to announce that I’ve done it again – created a new website for Hamilton Troll. This is a PARALLAX site. Parallax fills in the content of each page as you scroll, while keeping it all on one page. There’s a secondary menu at the bottom that takes you to “Fun Stuff to See and Do” […]

Understanding Publishing Terms

Understanding Publishing Terms

What is a Traditional Book Publisher? A company that buys the rights to your manuscript. Don’t want to sell the rights to your book? See small press publisher, subsidiary publisher or self publishing. What is Subsidy Publishing? A subsidy publisher shares publishing costs with the author. The publisher typically markets the book through online retailers. […]

Writing Prompt! “He was my childhood friend…”


Okay fellow writers, here is another writing prompt – lets see where this one can go! Comment below. “He was my childhood friend…” I grew up with him. We had done everything together. I thought of him more like a brother and never once considered the what if… after a kiss like that. But here […]

I love to sing!

I love to sing!

No, you will never find me on American Idol or America’s Got Talent or any crazy singing show and probably not in the karaoke bar either, but I do love to sing. I sing in the shower. I sing in the car while driving. I sing at my desk and I sing at my church. […]

Square vs PayPal credit card processing


Many years ago my husband and I ran a business where we had a credit card processing terminal. It was a good size box that needed electricity and a phone line. Cost a monthly equipment fee, plus processing and transaction fees. It was quite nice to have even with the fees as it helped our business […]

New websites, pictures, e-store!

New websites, pictures, e-store!

I am so excited to announce that after many weeks of learning a new technology, incorporating e-commerce store functionality and moving my content – I now have a mobile-friendly, more modern and up to date website for Kathleen Books. Go check it out now!   Also, you may be noticing that my BLOG has changed significantly! […]

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