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Dinner Table Exercise – A Healthier Way to...


I’d like to say I’m in shape. I’m healthy, I don’t have much, if any, pain. I can run, climb the stairs, do manual labor… but I don’t necessarily exercise. I started a walking regimen around the neighborhood – I failed to keep it up. I think I did it for two weeks. But the […]

How to Grow Spaghetti


No – I’m not talking about growing Spaghetti Squash – you read it right – I’m talking about spaghetti, those long thin strands of noodles we love to put tomato sauce and meatballs on. It’s quite easy actually. You start with a nice clay pot, fill it with soil and place the breakings of some […]

Christian Messages in Pink Light Sprite

three of us

As someone young to the Christian faith (when I wrote Hamilton Troll meets Pink light Sprite) I was eager to take in Gods word.  Like a sponge I soaked up everything I could get, so I guess it makes sense that in my writing, some of that Word, would spill out. While it was never […]

A Hundred Pages ’till I Sleep

100 pages till i sleep

It’s early Monday morning and I’m up before the dawn, A story on my mind, gotta type but then I yawn. Coffee percolating, sleep wiped from my eyes, I settle down to start before the neighbors’ rooster cries. I’ll listen to the story playing loudly in my head, And transcribe each scene, exactly as they […]

Rudy Rat’s wRap

Rudy Rat's wRap

Watch The Video Now! I am very excited to announce the release of the official Hamilton Troll Cookbook promotional video: Rudy Rat’s wRap! This fun rap song was written by award-winning author, Kathleen J. Shields, for illustrator Carol W. Bryant’s pizza wrap recipe. We hired Zach Swagger to perform the rap song and spent a […]

Sherbet vs sorbet


Color me confused when Carol was going over my Troll Punch recipe and had me change the ingredient of lime sorbet to lime sherbet. I had ALWAYS thought that sorbet was the French way of saying the spelled word sherbet (pronounced sure-Bert – like I say to my husband ALL of the time). I figured […]

Life is about Perspective


I was thinking about God the other day and how He ‘looks out after all of us’ throughout our life’s journey. It’s quite amazing actually, how He can ‘see all’ when we can’t see what’s just around the corner. It occurred to me that it is all about perspective. When we are living through our […]

Catch Me on Great Day SA


That’s right – I’ll be on the news!!! I am so excited. No, I’m not being interviewed, that would be amazing, but this a great start. The show that I am doing next week is called the San Antonio Independent Book Festival and the person in charge is being interviewed on KENS5’s Great Day SA between 9-10am […]

The Power of Prayer Poem

Power of Prayer background

My life was about living, every day about the same. Nothing special to report, because He didn’t know my name. I was lonely and quite hungry, though I didn’t know what for. ‘Cause I hadn’t been to church, so I didn’t know the Lord. When I did attend I went for food, friendship and to […]

I was interviewed by the Van Show!!


This was so much fun! I felt like I was 5 years old again and my dream of meeting the muppets had finally come true! I LOVE educating children and I LOVE talking about my books! Hollywood here I come (hint, hint). Watch other great author interviews on their website:

Discussion Questions for “The Painti...


Book Clubs Bible Study Youth Groups Personal Growth “The Painting” tends to yank out emotions long ago suppressed by older individuals and incite conversations and deep thoughts long after the cover has been closed. To assist in engaging in discussion whether book clubs, youth groups or even bible studies, the author has put together an […]

Please Stay


When Hamilton meets Starlit Troll he is overly excited but then when he discovers she’s going to leave he is distraught. He begs her to stay and in this story she does – for one more day. Has anyone ever left you and you were sad? I’ll admit goodbyes are hard for me!

Listen to “The Painting” Now!

painting-audio (Large)

That’s right! “The Painting” audio book is now available and this is a must hear! If you are interested in being one of the first to listen to it, send me a message, email or comment and the first 10 people will get a promo code to download the audio book direct from – […]

Wimberley Book Festival


This event is will be huge! 40+ Texas Authors will be in Attendance 200+ Texas Authors will be Represented Sponsored by: HEB, Wimberley Valley Radio, Wimberley Valley Tourism Association, Wesner Media and the Texas Association of Authors This is an inaugural event that you won’t want to miss! If you like books… if you like […]

A Message from Starlit Troll


In the 12th book of the Hamilton Troll Adventures, Hamilton and Starlit have a Big Race. They run and swim, climb and fly – but in the end there is a winner and a loser and the loser is not being a very good sport. In the end this is a good message for all […]

Do you have Special Troll Sight?


Starlit Troll is shocked to learn that Hamilton has never seen another troll, but in the book “Hamilton Troll meets Starlit Troll” there’s a game where a whole bunch of Trolls are hiding in plain sight. Can you find them? How many are there?  

Writers: Masters of Their Universe, but th...


The best part about being a writer is making things happen. I can meet space aliens, solve the world’s problems, ride unicorns and fight like a ninja without breaking a nail. I also have the best comebacks within milliseconds of a hurtful comment because when I write, it doesn’t matter how long it took me […]

Have you ever eaten Troll Snot Salad?

ht blow

Pollen was floating along in the breeze,
tickled his nose, making Hamilton sneeze. While the color is similar, creaminess too, this fruit salad’s better, than Hamilton’s goo!

DEAR Texas Radio Interview Part 9


Interviewed by DEAR TEXAS Radio: Author Kathleen J. Shields tells all! These past weeks I’ve posted clips from my radio interview from Wimberley Valley Radio 94.1 FM KWVH and their latest show DEAR Texas Radio. The last two questions, in my opinion, were the most important because they gave me a chance to inspire others. […]

The Audio Book of “The Painting̶...


I am incredibly happy to announce that the audio book of my latest novel “The Painting” is in production and will be available soon! I have found an incredible narrator, Heidi Allred who is doing an amazing job expressing the emotions in telling this symbolically, spirit-lifting story. The following 3 minute clip is from what […]

DEAR Texas Radio Interview Part 7


Interviewed by DEAR TEXAS Radio: Author Kathleen J. Shields tells all! In the past weeks I’ve posted short clips from my radio interview from Wimberley Valley Radio 94.1 FM KWVH and their latest show DEAR Texas Radio. These questions really dug down deep and in this interview question she’s asked about Her Guarded Desire.   […]

I Carrot Tell A Lie


  So the few who have heard this story have stared at me dumbfoundedly, shook their heads and then began laughing histerically. I realize now the error in my ways but what can I say? If it doesn’t work on a computer it’s not really my cup of carrot juice. My Carrot Experiment Carol, the […]

DEAR Texas Radio Interview Part 6


Interviewed by DEAR TEXAS Radio: Author Kathleen J. Shields tells all! The following short clips from my radio interview from Wimberley Radio 94.1 FM KWVH and their latest show DEAR Texas Radio. In this audio clip Kathleen is asked about the Kaitlyn Jones trilogy and she explains how Kaitlyn was her alter ego, a heroic […]

Free Audio Book

Audio Book Available on Audible

Howdy ya’ll! The audio book of “Hamilton Troll and the Big Race” is now available! How cool is that? Well for those who are interested I am giving away 25 FREE audio books (through audible) in hopes of getting some reviews! FREE Audio Book for Reviews!   If you would like to hear the book […]


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