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Three generations of artists collaborate...

Award Winning Author Kathleen J Shields educational books hamilton troll

    About a year ago, author Kathleen J. Shields approached character illustrator Leigh A. Klug about a troll.With the desire of adding a face to her words, Kathleen shared the story of Hamilton Troll to Leigh who listened and laughed with the merriment of a young child herself. Moments after hearing about Hamilton, with the […]

It’s not Education if it’s Fun… It’s Enl

Education – acquiring knowledge through teaching and instruction. Enlightenment – giving or imparting knowledge by removing the dimness from one’s eyes or heart. These two definitions talk about gaining knowledge, the difference is the means to the end. Learning lessons, through any experience that has a formative effect on the way one thinks, feels, or […]

Thank You with Pictures!

This weekends Celebration of Authors dinner in Austin was amazing! Not only did we get to meet some amazing Texas talent, eat a wonderful meal and receive awards and recognition for our books, we were blessed by God! From one conversation to the next, I heard inspirational stories, faith-based discussions, conversations of prayer, thank yous […]

Elwood asked questions

Award Winning Author Kathleen J Shields educational books hamilton troll

If you want to know something, you ask about it. If you don’t understand, you ask questions. That’s what Hamilton Troll and Elwood Woodpecker did, they didn’t know what something was so they sought out the Beaver Brothers and asked them. That’s how you learn new things. That’s how you become smart and that’s how […]