three-of-us1About a year ago, author Kathleen J. Shields approached character illustrator Leigh A. Klug about a troll.With the desire of adding a face to her words, Kathleen shared the story of Hamilton Troll to Leigh who listened and laughed with the merriment of a young child herself. Moments after hearing about Hamilton, with the swipe of her pencil, she sketched out the beginning stages of the “cutest troll you’ll ever meet”. With that, the two of them began working on “Hamilton Troll meets Pink Light Sprite” the introductory book with Kathleen’s computerized backgrounds.

ht-chatterton-helloWhile the book was pretty it was definitely lacking something; a world. That’s when award winning artist, Carol W. Bryant, joined the team. It is this trifecta that makes these books so appealing to the children. Without Kathleen’s words, there would just be pictures, without Leigh’s characters there would by no one to fall in love with, and without Carol’s backgrounds there would be no place for Hamilton to play. With a little hard work these three ladies have created and released three of the Hamilton Troll books this year!

The fact that these women found each other at church is testimony of some sort of grand plan, but it’s the reality that they are each nearly twenty years apart from one another that really stand out. Three generations; women from the 40’s, 60’s and late 70’s not only are able to pull their talents to create these amazing books, and work with each other through differing life perspectives, but that in each of their ways are eager to share their talents with the youngest generation. Carol teaches art classes, Leigh shows the kids how to draw trolls and Kathleen reads to the children at libraries and schools.

imag05742-copyThe rhyming story pulls the children into the tale. The adorable characters yank on those heart strings and the backgrounds help the children escape into a world where everyone is friendly, where the stories are light-hearted but educational, where fun life lessons are taught and happy dreams are made. Make friends, play games and experience the world through a troll’s eyes in the all new Hamilton Troll adventures. With at least 15 stories written of the ‘meets’ series and grand plans for the ‘visits’ series, a coloring and activity book, cookbook, and so much more, Hamilton Troll is gearing up for a lifetime of adventures.

It is our hope that Hamilton Troll is able to be there for generations to come. For additional information, please visit