dwd-rackcard-largeChildren have the most amazingly creative imaginations!  The stories they can envision thanks to their curiosity and innocence, portray the kind of magic and mystery that gets lost into adulthood. This is why award-winning author Kathleen J. Shields has written Dream World Defenders. Not only is this story an action-packed, mind-blowing, anything-can-happen adventure; it excites the creativity in a child’s mind that – You CAN do anything you can imagine! 

While reading the book, a child is temporarily pulled from the structure of everyday life and tempted to consider the impossible.  They are allowed to ‘dream’.  From those dreams a plan was formed; write your own Dream World Adventure.

Erin Go Bragh Publishing Company initiated the ‘Call to Write Challenge’ in early 2015. Following the authors most used phrase “The ONLY Limitation is Your Own Imagination” they decided that any child who submitted their own short story ending to Dream World Defenders would be published in a collaboration book at the end of the year.

“What better way is there to light the fire of creativity in a child than to make them a published author?” Shields’ asked. “When a child is encouraged to be creative, they can accomplish anything – even writing.”