What an interesting day!

It started out before sunrise Saturday. I was drinking my first cup of coffee when the windows illuminated a brilliant pinkish red color – Uh oh, I thought. Red skies in the morning, sailors warning. My mother’s voice echoed in my head. This was a bad omen. Is this going to be a bad day?

As we were hooking up the trailer to the car the wind began blowing and with it came some gnarly looking dark grey storm clouds along with the spitting of the beginning of the rains. Uh oh, is it going to rain today?

I was driving down 281 when the rains began; pouring down as hard as they could, windshield wipers on high, visibility somewhat limited. Fortunately, the road was a straight-away and I was able to see something blocking the road 2-tenths of a mile in my lane. I signal, wait for the passing car on the right, because who wants to be stuck behind a rainbow colored trailer, then merge right. It was a down sign in a construction area. Good thing I saw it with plenty of time to react.

Boy, I thought as I continued driving, this sure seems like a sign. Is this a message from God telling me to go back home? But I continued driving all the while worrying, wondering, fretting.

That’s when it all changed!

I drive up to the convention center. The unload area was covered. I didn’t have to unload in the pouring rain! There were volunteers there to help me. They wheeled my tubs to my table – INSIDE – I didn’t know I was going to be inside! What a wonderful surprise on a rainy day!

Then within ten minutes of setting up, I sold an entire set of books to one lady! It was a wonderful day! There was scrumptious pulled pork sandwiches for lunch, free drink tickets, volunteers with carts of coffee and later tea for the exhibitors, free. Then later, volunteers to watch your booth while you went to the bathroom (from drinking so much tea). persistence

Maybe God put all of those deterrents and obstacles and grey clouds in front of me test me; to make sure I REALLY wanted this! Maybe I showed Him that I AM willing to do what it takes to see this project through. To better myself. To promote my educational books. To follow my dreams.

The fact of the matter is; you never know what you are in store for – until you venture out and try it. It just goes to show, persistence does pay off and red skies in the morning might actually be a good thing.