In 1570 the word crazy was used to describe someone who was diseased or sickly. In 1580 the word crazy described a person of unsound mind, or who was insane. Jump to today and crazy means cool or good. When did insane become cool? And let’s not forget about driving someone crazy. In the sixties, crazy was considered weird, now a days crazy is a word we use to express awesome. I wonder what the future of crazy will be?

I know this is a crazy post but it DID pop into my mind and I had to ask.

In the meantime,

Let me leave you with this little crazy-maker:

Let’s get crazy, plum crazy, in hopes of driving you crazy, until you are going crazy, simply by acting crazy, crazy like a fox but not like crazy horse. We will board the crazy train, looking for that crazy little thing called love, which is crazy good. We’ll go crazy on you, making you stir crazy, so you’ll need to take crazy pills because it’s crazy cool, to be crazy for you. So shine on you crazy diamond and know that I’ll be missing you like crazy until my next crazy post. I almost went crazy, but then I realized, that would be crazy.