There are ideas inside you waiting to be released.  You can’t teach yourself to be creative, but you can learn to get out of your own way and let your natural creativity flow.

This was a horoscope of mine a while back. I must say, I liked it!  But the same can be said about any of you?

creativity-in-businessIf you are not an artist,
have you never picked up a paintbrush?
If you are not a teacher,
have you not ever shared your knowledge?
If you are not a mathematician,
have you never solved a problem?

Creativity is about being positive.  If you say you can’t do it before you even try, you won’t be able to do it.  If you try with a feeling you will fail anyway, you will fail, mainly because you are limiting your natural creativity and inhibiting your talent. If you try with everything you have and still fail, you’ve given up. Keep trying, but most importantly let your imagination soar with it. Don’t discount your ideas. Nurture them. Develop them, and help them grow.

Whatever your idea is: Go for it. Invent it. Construct it. Grow it. Build it. Design it. Write it. Paint it. Create it.