The very substance of the ambitious is merely the shadow of the dream. William Shakespeare

IMG_133889722234535I like that. Of course I do, I picked it to use. But think about it a second. My dream was to be a writer, to tell stories, just like William Shakespeare and it was my ambition to get those stories told, typed up, published and into others’ hands.

My dream was to entertain others through my words. I feel I am living that dream; through my books, through my poems, through my blog.

My dreams didn’t include fame and fortune. They didn’t include constantly traveling and missing my home. Maybe that is why I am where I am. Traveling would make me homesick. Money would make me a target. Fame would find fault in anything I do. My dream was to be happy and none of the above would make me happy. Just sharing my life’s blood with those of you who enjoy reading about it… that, makes me happy.

So be happy, every one of you! Follow your dreams and don’t worry about the other stuff. That’s my take on it.