Power of Prayer background

My life was about living, every day about the same. Nothing special to report, because He didn’t know my name.

I was lonely and quite hungry, though I didn’t know what for. ‘Cause I hadn’t been to church, so I didn’t know the Lord.

When I did attend I went for food, friendship and to sing. The sermons in between were just, filling for this thing.

I may have kept attending, for wrong mistaken reasons, but at least I was in church through many, many seasons.

I had heard the stories, bowed my head, but never really prayed. Belief was unbelievable, my soul was never swayed.

Yet that was when the trials came, such turmoil in my life. My mother had been murdered and it caused me so much strife.

I was spiraling down a rabbit hole that got darker by the day, and that was when the Bible Group asked if they could pray.

They placed their hands upon me and asked our Lord to claim, my heart, my hope, my soul, my faith, for me to know His name.

And in that moment of grief and pain, I was weak enough to feel, a soul’s embrace that felt so warm, my Lord became quite real.

He showed me love that I could sense, its power came from higher He showed me signs that He was there. He filled my soul with fire.

When I look back along life’s path, my memories seem dark. I had walked throughout my life, without an inkling of His spark.

Now each day I wake up knowing, that He is part of me. My roots are set, my trunk is tall.  I’m branches of His tree.

I’m reaching out in hopes to fill my readers with my passion Testify that God’s great love is full of such compassion.

He helped me through my rabbit hole. He’s with me everywhere. My Christian soul is shining bright, thanks to the Power of Prayer.

~ Kathleen J. Shields 2016