People think I’m disciplined. It’s not discipline.
It’s devotion. There is a great difference.

Luciano Pavarotti

I’m not disciplined. I don’t write an hour every day like “they” say you are supposed to. I work. I have a day job and I have a lot to do with just marketing what I have muchless find the time to write something new.

I am disciplined in staying focused on my work until it’s done.

I was taught at an early age work before play.  That makes it very difficult when I consider writing my play time.  However, I also consider it work. Not they oh-man-I-don’t-want-to-get-out-of-bed –and-deal-with-the-day kind of work – I love what I do. I am lucky.

The difference is I am devoted. Devoted toward my clients because they pay my bills. Devoted towards doing a good job because word of mouth advertising is all I can afford (oh, future blog topic) …Where was I?…

I am devoted towards becoming an author.

Not necessarily well-known, but published, established… I want my stories to be available for reading; and yes, of course, I want them read. Do I need millions to read them? It would be nice, but no, not necessary. If I get a thousand happy readers, that’s a thousand more than I had when I first started. If I get a hundred rave reviews, that’s a hundred more than before. And if I make it big, whatever that means, then I’m going to be happy. Will I not be happy until then? No. I’m already ecstatic that I am doing so well, that my stories are getting out there.  That people like them.

pavarottiI feel my stories are fun, strengthening, nurturing, exciting, adventurous, educational and inspirational. Just like my blog posts with which I hope you all like.

I am devoted to always putting topics out here that inspire, teach and maybe even answer questions or even help questions get asked.

I may not be Pavarotti (Lord knows my voice couldn’t hold a candle to his) but I am trying. And that is what matters.