Ability is of little account without opportunity.
Napoleon Bonaparte

star-search-logoDo you know why American Idol, So you think you can Dance and America’s Got Talent are so popular?  The same reason Star Search and Soul Train was so popular in the 80’s. Because people with talent need a place to showcase said talent.  They need the opportunity to get their selves out there in hopes of being found. It’s the same reason aspiring actors and actresses moved to Los Angeles and dancers and singers became waiters in New York, to be where the opportunity is in hopes of following their dreams.


stlogo_lssDo you know how many people became famous staying where they were and not showing off their skills? Yeah… none. If you’re singing in the shower, the Opera is not going to call. If you’re dancing in your bedroom, the ballet is never going to know and if you are like me, writing stories and saving them to your computer never sending them out or getting them read, then the opportunity of getting published will never happen.

9849-american-idolYou may have the great ability to write the next big novel, become the next big thing, but if you don’t do anything about it, why bother?

Today’s technology is ample with opportunity, dripping with possibilities, flooding you with prospective chances (I must be thirsty…) so read about it. Learn about it. Explore it. Figure it out and Do it! Publish your book. Tell your friends, read it at libraries, do a few shows and work to get it out there.

And if your talent is singing, dancing, art, whatever, there are still tons of opportunities out there. Look at all of those TV shows; they are looking for the next great talent – it could be you!

If you have the ability – make your OWN opportunity!
You owe yourself!