familyThe love in our family flows strong and deep, leaving us memories to treasure and keep.

I saw this in a shop the other day and really liked it. Not because it was applicable, trust me, I like many of you have had my issues with family. I liked it because it meant something else to me. Let me explain.
My family is small, quite small, especially giving that so many of them are gone. I am an only child. The family line will not continue through me. So what’s up with the sign?

I chose a new family. My church family. Actually, they chose me.

They were there for me in my darkest hours. They helped me, prayed for me, they introduced me to God. And while so many of them have continued with their lives having not realized how important they were to me, instrumental in my spiritual change, I can take those memories with me, to treasure and keep, forever.

No matter what happens. If they move away, pass away or fade away, the memories of their caring for me will never fade. I can say the same for my family, for my mother. I have kept the better parts of her, the better memories with me. That is what I take away from this message.

No matter how messed up it got at the end. No matter how much hate and bitterness was released, I can hold tight to the loving memories I have and they strengthen me, deep within my soul.