Help me make a Sad Day into a Glad Day – Let me tell you how…

Pre-Order your very own copy of “The First Unibear” today through September 28th!

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Why September 28th you ask?

Good question! Three years ago on that date my father passed away suddenly. It was one of the few days of my life that have caught me completely off guard. It ripped another huge chunk out of my already tattered heart. After hearing the news, twice – the first time with complete disbelief, I fell to my knees screaming. My father was my last living direct relative. I had already lost everyone else; my mother, my grandmother, my aunt, my grandfather… I was an only child with a very small family… He was the last.

I thought I would at least have my father for a decade or two longer to grow old with. I thought we still had plenty of time to make memories, to make up for the past. I thought, with his retirement pending, just a few months away, that I’d get to see him more, to spend more time with him. I thought a lot of things that suddenly was never going to happen – and I cried harder and longer than the loss of anyone else that was so close to me. I regretted lost time not spent together and I was angry.

That day hurt me in a way, that even as an author, I cannot fully explain…

So when “Unibear” started happening – that story that I wrote when I was ten years old…. The story that my father kept pressing me to do something with, over and over again, for more than thirty years… A dream my father had for me and that book, that he felt so strongly about… An idea came to me from on high. Why not make that sad day a glad day?

At first I was nervous about choosing that day as the release date. I was worried about my step-mom, would she be okay with it? Would others think I was being insensitive? Was it a tactless move, trying to capitalize on negative circumstances? But then I was told it was a great idea.

In fact, it is exactly what my father would have wanted:

  • Don’t be sad that our time is coming to a close.
  • Enjoy every memory we made this weekend.
  • Take the scenic route down Snake Road…
  • and always find ways to make a profit.

~ That was my Dad.

Make that

So I am officially doing a Pre-Order for this book “The First Unibear”!
It’s release date is the 3 year anniversary of one of the saddest days of my life.
My prayer is that it’s official release will become a Glad Day for me!

How can a pre-order to a release date become a Glad Day?

Good question! Fellow authors (and potential buyers), listen up. For the next twenty five days, anyone who goes to Amazon and pre-orders the book: adds to cart, pays for and awaits the big day, will be doing something very special for me (and yourself).

FOR ME: Each order gets saved by Amazon. Your card won’t be run until the day the book is officially released. At the moment of it’s release, the e-book and the Hardback picture book, every order placed over the past 25 days will be processed at the same time. Any order placed ON that day will be processed – and IF – note that, if, my book(s) get more orders than most of the other millions upon millions of books that Amazon sells on THAT day, then MY book COULD become a BEST SELLER! Albeit, possibly just for a day, but for that one fleeting moment that would truly make it a GLAD DAY! Could that be a difficult task to accomplish? Maybe… probably… but it’s worth a try, right?

FOR YOU: So how does this turn into a good thing for you? Simply put: You will be one of the first people who will get to read one of the best rhyming children’s stories I’ve ever written! One of the most stunningly illustrated children’s stories I’ve seen in a long time. One of the sweetest, most caring, adorable messages you can help spread and impart upon the children of our world. Your benefits would be HUGE!

“Only the pure with good in their souls, have the magic and power to see me as whole.”
~ The Unicorn

Thirty five years in the making… Thirty five years after I wrote an inspirational tale about a young bear helping a horse, saving his life, and receiving a magical gift that could be paid forward to everyone else down the line, this book will finally come to life. A story, dotted with scripture from the King James Version that specifically mentions Unicorns. A story that inspires everyone reading it to ‘do something’ to see a need and fill it, to help your fellow man, squirrel, dog or cat. To help spread the magic so everyone can be a star! And that all it takes is a pure heart and a good soul.

YOU are going to LOVE this book!

Two-Page spread out of the book “The First Unibear” by author Kathleen J. Shields

So go ahead and place your Pre-Order for UNIBEAR Today!

Yes, Amazon shows the hardback book as “Temporarily out of stock” instead of a pre-order like the e-book, that is technically true, nothing is available yet – not until September 28th. But don’t let that deter you. On September 28th, when your order is processed, that book will be printed and shipped to you within a couple days of your order.


You want an autographed copy directly from the author? No problem! Buy from Amazon and let me know when it arrives. I’ll arrange a time to autograph it for you. I’ll even throw in (if you ask) a FREE paperback Hamilton Troll book for your troubles as a THANK YOU for helping to make this DAY a DREAM COME TRUE!




I want to thank you for reading this blog post. I want to personally thank you from the bottom of my heart for your continued friendship in following me through my writing journey. I want to especially thank you for your pre-order, I know you will be over the moon with your purchase and I want to encourage you to read “The memories behind the book” a previous post that details more about my father, the story and how this book came to be. Thank you!