The other day I was reminded of something from my past and I thought I could use it as a teaching tool. A long while ago, I worked for a small business owner. I was very good at my job and he knew it. He left me in charge of his business, as manager because he knew he could. He was doing well, he had just purchased a nice chunk of land, was building his dream home, he had no trials.

Me on the other hand, had plenty of trials. I was struggling. Living week to week, driving a 30 year old car with bald tires, buying gas three dollars at a time with pennies. Anyways, it froze here. It literally froze over and no one was driving. Now, you northerners have to realize that us Texans, south Texans, hardly ever see ice or snow, so when we do, the area shuts down, schools close. It’s a thing.

Anyways, I called my boss to let him know that I couldn’t drive the 25 miles to the store until the ice melted. I’m in the Hill Country, there are hills, bridges, just too many chances to take on bald tires. The long and the short of it, he said if I didn’t go in, to not bother coming back. I was in essence being fired if I didn’t open his business for him.

Now I respect my life, a heck of a lot more than he apparently did and so that is primarily the end of that story, but think about this: He respected his life. He had a 4-wheel drive truck with new tires and didn’t drive to work. My life, to him, was worth less than his. He thought I was less than him because I was struggling, because I wasn’t as successful. But to me, it was worth a heck of a lot more.

God gives you struggles, to strengthen you, to teach you. To me, I was better than him because I was currently going through my God lessons. I was learning, strengthening myself. God cared enough about me to make me into a stronger person. To stand up for my beliefs no matter the cost. To trust that God knew what he was doing.

If you ever find yourself in that position, or you ever feel you are worth less than someone else, because of where you are in your life, remember God gives you those struggles to strengthen you, to make you into a better person, to mold you into the person he wants you to be, that he knows you CAN be.