The other day I came across a comic…

A single image of a tight rope walker, focusing on his handheld GPS, walking a 90 degree angle off of his tightrope, with the GPS saying “Recalculating…”

See below…


It took me a second to realize the funny, but when I did, I laughed out loud.

I don’t normally laugh out loud but how true is that picture? How many of us depend whole-heartedly in that GPS directing us, telling us where to go and how to get there.  Since I got my GPS I find myself looking at it more than my speedometer (it tells my digital speed in the corner). Most especially as I slow on a street watching that little car icon take on that purple line as it gets closer and closer to that black and white checkered flag. Instead of looking out along the side of the road and taking in numbers of houses or looking at what the house looks like, or the cars in the driveway, I verify I am there because I arrive, coasting up to that checkered flag.

It made me wonder… am I the only one? Am I too much of a novice for this technological advancement of life… but more so, it made me wonder what life would be like if we focused on God that intently.

What would our lives be like if we listened to every step by step direction God gave us?

Not the simple messages like turn right then you will be home. Of course I know how to get home… I even know how to get out of my neighborhood, I really don’t need help with that. I mean the big things. Like don’t go to that party. Don’t speed down that street and don’t ignore my warnings.

What if we listened when he said, I am here.

What if we heard his message when he says, this is my plan for you. What if we hung on his every word as closely as we hang onto the words of our GPS?

There is part of me that wonders how much better we as Christians would be if we listened to our God Positioning Systems. But then again… if God were telling us where to go and how to get there and we stray off the path, he wouldn’t say “Recalculating.” He might say “Make a U-Turn here” but even when my GPS says that, after a while of not listening I expect to hear her say, “Hey you! Listen to me or don’t leave me on to give you directions you have no intention of listening to. Don’t waste my time.”

Maybe, that is what I’d expect to here from God instead.

Your thoughts?