Have you seen your silver lining? It’s probably that great thing just on this side of your golden dream. The one that wins the lottery, gets the promotion, upgrades to the better house or better car.

Too many people miss the silver lining because their expecting gold.
Maurice Setter


I studied all week and only got a B –

            Expected gold – I wanted an A!

            Silver lining – you didn’t fail

            Simpler silver lining – you learned quite a bit

I worked all that over time and I was passed over for the raise –

            Expected gold – I should have gotten a raise AND promotion!

            Silver lining – you still have a job

            Simpler silver lining – you got those extra overtime hours

 The roof leaked during the last rainstorm –

            Expected gold – I want it all and should have it my way every time!

            Silver lining – nothing was damaged

            Simpler silver lining – we needed the rain

My dog ate my tennis shoes –

            Expected gold – Why can’t he just sleep all day and leave my stuff alone?

            Silver lining – (I have a hard time with this one but) – at least he didn’t get my nice boots

            Simpler silver lining – he had hours of fun

The gold is so far away from silver,
it only takes a moment to realize
our expectations are too high.


dog-chew-shoeLook at the dog one – if he slept all day (to leave your stuff alone) he’d be awake all night, keeping you up as well. Dogs chew your shoes, jeans and undergarments because they smell like you – they miss you – what if he didn’t miss you, love you, care about you, how sad would that be? Maybe I needed new tennis shoes – the soles were starting to split from the shoe. No I can’t afford to buy them but the silver lining is I still have those great boots I can wear!

stopshoechewLook for the silver lining in life – it’s the part this side of the negative – it’s the positive part. It’s the grateful part.  The thankful part. It’s the part that makes you smile. That makes you happy. That makes you say – Ah, little one… I still love you…. But don’t do it again!