Last night I had a dream; a dream that you could make a phone call to heaven to talk with anyone there. The catch was:  you could only make one call per year, to one person.

In my dream, I started way back when I lost my mother, of course, I decided to call her. I don’t recall a conversation actually taking place (probably because the dream was symbolic of something more important) but if I had conducted a conversation, I imagine it would have been along the lines of my catching her up, sharing the things that had occurred over the past year. Yet, I couldn’t remember the conversation, so that is just introspection.

My next memory of the dream was the following year when I lost a good friend. Of course, I contemplated calling her but I struggled with the decision. Would it be a waste of that very important one phone call, if I called my friend over calling my Mom again?

The following year I lost two more friends… but instead of delving into the conflict of whom to call, my mind took me further ahead to the year my grandmother died, then the year my grandfather died, then the year my father died. Those all felt like easy choices, those were my last chances to have that one final conversation with my closest relatives and to see how they were doing in Heaven.

However, the following year I looked at the fact that all of those family members were in heaven and whom should get that one special call from me? How could I decide between just one of them? Would there be hurt feelings from those I couldn’t call? Could I ask about the others during my conversation with that one? Would that be against the rules?

Who makes the rules?

Then it occurred to me that if there were rules, of which I hadn’t even thought to ask, well who made those rules? That’s when the light went on. Maybe my annual call should be to God!

Symbolically the dream was a metaphor to stay in contact with God, and to me, it also symbolized letting go. When that became my thought process I started bouncing back and forth between the two revelations.

I was thinking of things like, they’re in Heaven… discussing my daily life with them just keeps pulling them back here instead of letting them go to enjoy their afterlife. I then started thinking about what it was like there, what had they been up to? I hoped I had remembered to ask them about their new lives in those previous conversations. You get so used to sharing in prayers your hopes, dreams and thanks, but you don’t ask questions you know will never get answered (via phone that is).

Then I bounced back over to God. I can talk to him whenever I want! I am not limited to one call per year. Heck, I’m not even limited to one call per day! Why would I even allow myself to worry about this dream at all? Probably because in this dream, I was thinking about one specific person I missed, and one specific conversation I wanted to have. I was limiting my celestial options with human limitations.

Our God is grand. He is everywhere and hears every prayer. He answers every call and doesn’t limit us, like the phone company. Maybe it’s time to change your calling plan to unlimited?

I don’t know if my revelation about this call to heaven meant as much to you as it did to me, but if it helped to open your eyes a little bit, then maybe my task is complete?    Kathleen J. Shields 10/25/2021

call to heaven