Salt_shaker This Sunday our associate pastor gave the sermon. It was on Matthew 5:13-16Salt and Light. “You are the salt of the Earth” “You are the light of the world.” While Jesus is the Light is done so often, he decided to focus his sermon on being the salt; a unique way to go in my opinion and something he was able to do very well.

He said that back then salt was considered a currency, a precious commodity. Then he brought it to now where salt makes food taste better. I know that he had a couple dozen pages of notes so he probably touched on a lot of this in those that he just didn’t have time for, so I was thinking I’d like to add to his sermon a bit.

Salt symbolizes life itself, basic physiological functions depend on a balance between salt and liquids in the body, when the balance is upset, disease may occur. Same can be said if you don’t have enough Christ in your life.

So I began thinking what else salt is good for. Being winter time I, of course, came up with ice on the sidewalk to keep it from freezing. Anti-slip surface – like don’t slip too far away from God.

Then I thought about how it used to be used as a preservative, extending the life of meat, keeping it from rotting…. Of course there is the side effect of turning tough and leathery, but maybe that just strengthens you for the evils out there.

Finally I came up with the fact that it used to be used as a disinfectant for wounds, dating back to the Egyptians, Romans, Greeks… These days they say sarcastically “Oh you’re just rubbing salt in the wound” like it’s a bad thing, painful, but back then it saved lives. It kept wounds from becoming infected.  In fact it could be said that salt can heal you.

The associate pastor then finalized his sermon with “Spread the salt of life. Become salty saints.” One of my friends said she kept thinking it sounded like a great name for a snack food, guess she was hungry. I decided instead to make it into bumper stickers! Here are a few thoughts:

Preserving Meat
Salty Saints – We’ll keep your soul from rotting.salty saints

Peeling Eggs (eggs boiled in salt water peel easier)
Salty Saints – Peeling off the hard exterior.

Removing Wine Stains
Salty Saints – Removing the stains of your life.

Settling Soap Suds
Salty Saints – Overflowing suds can’t stand a chance.

Gargling for Sore Throats
Salty Saints – Reducing the soreness of life.

Soothing a Bee Sting
Salty Saints – Helping relieve the pain.

Keeps Cut Flowers Fresh
Salty Saints – Extending your life after death.

Deicing Sidewalks
Salty Saints – To keep you from slipping.

Deodorizing Shoes
Salty Saints – Removing the odors in your soul. (not sole ~ get it?)

And finally….

Disinfecting Minor Cuts & Abrasions
Salty Saints – We can cure you!