It has been brought to my attention that there are limited avenues for marketing Christian Children’s books. There aren’t many contest category options for said stories either.  A fellow author whom just recently read “Dandy Lion” was so inspired by the message and simplicity of the piece; decided to write a letter to a rather large church in hopes of building momentum towards creating a Christian Book Club for Children. Here is an excerpt of her letter:

I just recently read a great Christian children’s book that made me think…

Dandy Lion, A Legend of Love and Loss

A Christian Children’s Story

“Oprah has a book club for adults but I like children’s literature. Why doesn’t ___________ Ministries start a book club that is geared towards Christian children?”

It is becoming exceedingly difficult finding quality Christian-based reading, especially for children. The Ministry could appoint a committee to chose new children’s books every month or so and post reviews somewhere on the website. It would certainly be a valuable tool for parents, Christian schools and home-schoolers.

The book I read is entitled, “Dandy Lion” and it is a chapter book that defines the Christian Path more clearly, in a way that children and adults can understand. The story was in a word… inspiring. It was written in simple vocabulary of the lower grade levels yet still elegantly got the point across. If you would like to read a free copy for review purposes I have queried the promo code below from the publishing house. Find it below:

Coupon Code: LF84A

The letter goes on but the message is clear; let’s make the world put more emphasis on teaching children Christian values through fun stories and books.  To anyone reading, I encourage you to download a free copy of this book (for a limited time only) and if you are so inclined, I would love to know what you think of it.

Reviews are always welcome!