She-Ra Princess of PowerThe other day I came across an 80’s cartoon on Netflix that I used to watch as a child.  She-Ra

She-Ra – Princess of Power was the twin sister of He-Man – Master of the Universe and not only was she beautiful but she was strong and smart as well.

This was important to me as a child because She-Ra showed me that girls can take care of themselves (first of the feminists – I guess) as well as help others.  Unlike her simplistic alter-ego Princess Adora who hardly ever occupied time on the show even though she was the leader of the Great Rebellion; She-Ra always took care of business.

To me, this is important to mention because it shows that I and just about every other child out there, wants to be special, stand out and be powerful. I don’t need to be a hero anymore but I do like the idea of being a mentor, and encourager.

Whether they want to fly, have super-human strength or shoot lasers from their eyes (as a child at a school reading I did last week mentioned) the fact of the matter is, they want the Power.She-Ra and Friends

I know from personal experience that you CAN give children power.  Simply being there for them, meeting an author (or simply the right person) can spark an incredible desire to explore their curiosity and creativity. Encouragement is something every child wants.

I’ve said it before, but I enjoy talking with children about writing; exploring their dreams – their desire for power – and showing them how they can do just that.

She-Ra was the first female character (in my youth) that showed me I wasn’t going to be tied to the proverbial railroad tracks always waiting for the hero to save her. I could save myself. As an author, I also now know I can be She-Ra for others. I may not go around saving them from the evil Horde, but I do ignite their imagination which opens up all sorts of worlds for them.

They can do anything they can imagine; and while at their age that includes flying; as they mature that can include making the team, going to college, or helping others.

One of the most important things you can give a child is encouragement.

Encouragement and knowledge can give a child confidence.

Confidence can lead a child to Success.

She-Ra gave me the confidence as a child to keep fighting, keep trying. That is what I still do today. I will always keep trying until I succeed.  I hope you do the same.