So the few who have heard this story have stared at me dumbfoundedly, shook their heads and then began laughing histerically. I realize now the error in my ways but what can I say? If it doesn’t work on a computer it’s not really my cup of carrot juice.

My Carrot Experiment

Carol, the creative chef behind our upcoming cookbook has decided we should also include crafts and activities. I thought it was a great idea… that is until I was informed I will be doing everything in the book as one of our “child testers”.

carrot1So the other day when she handed me a carrot top with toothpicks inserted on the sides I gave her this look like, “are you nuts?” But she insisted I grow a carrot.

My friends and family also know my thumb is anything but green so when the carrot started sprouting green leaves I was just gushing with joy. I kept adding water, I took pictures of its progress, but I was concerned that it hadn’t begun growing roots. (Yes, I forgot carrots ARE roots.)

Then one day I noticed this clear gooey wad of slime encompassing the submerged part of the carrot. carrot2I had also noticed that it was looking a bit rough. I’m sure it has nothing to do with the dust in my house…

So I decided my carrot needed a good scrubbing.

In hindsight I realize I probably should have Googled this before interfering with mother nature but it seemed like a good idea at the time. Needless to say, my carrot died and this project goes into the slush pile.

Poor little carrot.

carrot3Of course, after researching this project (in hindsight) I discovered you CAN’T grow a carrot this way, just the greens (wish I would have known that).

I really was giddy like a child expecting to see the carrot grow – maybe we’ll leave this science project out of the book.

Explaining to a child that ‘no you won’t be able to eat your home-grown carrot at the end’ will probably not excite them much. And if we don’t warn mom (who may not know what I learned either) this will be a disappointment all around.

Guess it’s a good thing I’m a child-tester!

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