img_6495What a wonderful treat!

The most adorable four year old girl decided that an Author’s Reading meant she should read TO the author, me. It was awe inspiring to hear her read my words, and do so well at her age. My guess is she had practice, but apparently she’d been reading for a very long time (for a 4 year old) and enjoyed doing so!

Little things like this give me the encouragement to keep going. Knowing that there are still children out there that like to read, enjoy reading and want to read – to show off their skills. img_6490It’s not about the technology, the videos, the audio files, the push button interactivity, it’s about reading the story and a child being proud of her accomplishments!

She wouldn’t let me help her either. She sounded out each word and even showed me in the picture where each item was that the story referred to. Maybe that’s how her mother read it to her, maybe that’s just how great she is… either way, I hope she keeps reading and keeps inspiring others.austin-at-bulverde-library-1

And if it was her mother (or father):

Good Job! Keep up the good work!

She was a joy to spend time with and I hope that day was as memorable for her as it was for me!