Pollen was floating along in the breeze,
tickled his nose, making Hamilton sneeze.
While the color is similar, creaminess too,
this fruit salad’s better, than Hamilton’s goo!

This recipe is my personal favorite. When my illustrator Carol first served this at Thanksgiving many years ago I absolutely fell in love with it.

Having no culinary skills whatsoever, I was certain it would be too difficult to try to make myself, so I eagerly and patiently waited a full year to have it again. The next thanksgiving I stocked up! I ate less mashed potatoes to leave room for it, and when dessert was being dished out I had another bowl.

Little did I know, I could’ve had ice cream and pie because the recipe is so easy – a child can make it!!!

Since then, it has received that crazy name, a poem has been written, an illustration created, a cookbook page designed and about a dozen plus dishes stirred up and consumed – leading to some extra pounds but I don’t care!

When you try it – you’ll understand. Troll Snot Salad is totally yummy!

Hamilton Troll Cookbook coming soon.