Blessed with talent – that’s how I feel, when I think ’bout what we’ve done is surreal.
10 books and counting – 11 on the way, I do what I love, what a wonderful day!

ht7woSo my illustrator, Leigh A. Klug is not only super talented with her ability to illustrate the most captivating faces she also can write amazing stories and rhyme. The following poem she wrote about Whitaker Owl:

There once was a unique young owl
His hoot was an awful howl
When he opened his beak
He let out a loud shriek
Which frightened a bear on the prowl.

htcolorLeigh also wrote an amazing story entitled “The Legend of the Beaver Dam” which is a wonderful story about the reason beavers build dams.  You can read it in the Hamilton Troll Coloring and Activity Book.

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