I love to sing!

No, you will never find me on American Idol or America’s Got Talent or any crazy singing show and probably not in the karaoke bar either, but I do love to sing. I sing in the shower. I sing in the car while driving. I sing at my desk and I sing at my church.

One of my friends says; the Bible says to sing a joyful noise – it doesn’t have to be in key, just sing a joyful noise, and so I do. But I have to admit that while I’m in choir; the Sopranos, which I am, usually get to sing melody. That is the easy to sing part. The radio karaoke part of any song. The part that everybody knows.  The Altos, Tenors and Bass – they have something entirely different that they sing.

Now I don’t read music, maybe if I did it might be easier, but when I hear the parts for the altos, tenors and base and I hear what they have to sing… well, Sopranos get to sing the best part, in my opinion. I feel really bad for the others and I keep thinking to myself: “Lord I love you. I love to sing. But if for whatever reason my voice drops and I become an Alto, I would probably end up sitting in the congregation with my husband instead of in the choir loft. Because for me, it’s about the fun not about the know how.”


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