In case you don’t know, a time capsule is an air-tight container that is buried containing important items, with the intention of being opened at a future date.

courtesy costsIn the movie “Knowing” with Nicholas Cage, his son received a document from inside a time capsule that predicted the end of the world… cool movie. Why do I bring that up?
Because a writer’s life is like a Time Capsule. We gather ourselves into a room (time capsule) we work on our ‘prediction’ for a long period of time, and when we open the door, a revelation has been created where anything (including the end of the world) could happen.

While this miraculous feat of creativity and strength has taken place, the rest of the world – outside of the time capsule – has progressed. Buildings have gotten taller, cars are now flying and children have grown up.

We’ve made something super important (or awesome) that absolutely MUST be read and we’ve forgone the rest of the world while we’ve created it.  Please understand our hair is longer, an extra wrinkle has appeared and our clothes are out of style – but the message becomes available as soon as that door opens (or the book is published) and we’ve done that work for YOU!


So even if you don’t know us personally, know, what we’ve done is for everyone. So take a look inside our Time Capsule and find out what’s so important (to us).