I was looking out back from the sliding glass window in Maryland and saw a couple of black squirrels going about their day. I don’t see black squirrels in Texas, at least not in my neighborhood. There we have grey squirrels.  I know there are grey and black, have seen white albino and a couple of brown squirrels. But did you know there were also blond, tan and mixed color squirrels too?

There are all types and they all have to live and survive in this world. They all have to eat, forage for food and water.  They like nuts and cat food, birdseed but aren’t picky, whatever is available to them they’ll check out (except raw onions).

They all need a place to lay their head at night, a hole, a nest, a tree limb with plenty of branches… we all have our preferences, the city or the country, a high-rise or a single story home.

We all have families, some we like, some we hate, some we choose and some we make. Some squirrels have odd hairdos, tufts on the top of their ears, shaved tails (probably not by choice, but how would I know)?

The point is: no matter the color, no matter the choices, preferences or tastes, we are all here on this world together. We can all mix and mingle. We can all accept each other for whom each one of us are. And we can all learn to adapt to our surroundings and situations. Life must go on and I say it’s time to be a little bit squirrly.