Those who know me, know that I found God after my mother passed away. I knew about him, but didn’t really know him until the night a prayer group prayed for me. That night, God hugged me. He made his presence known to me for the first time in my life. Finally understanding, truly feeling God’s presence was a life changing experience. It changed me in one of the best ways you could imagine and He’s been my best bud ever since. He makes his presence known in signs and messages all of the time. He’s everywhere. In everything… but lately, I haven’t been feeling him in church.

For someone who never knew God, becoming someone who knows him and feels Him everywhere, it is quite unnerving to not feel his presence somewhere. I was talking with him this morning about it. Wondering if it was the first service’s music, so loud – you can’t hear Him. The drum beats vibrating the chairs so much you couldn’t feel Him.

I began to explain my feelings to God (on the drive to a tradeshow) and came up with a metaphore – that for me – seemed quite fitting. I said it’s like ice cream. Spending your entire life having never experienced  the wonderful flavor of ice cream, not knowing what you were missing, until one day you get to try it. Once you taste it, experience the cool creamy sensation you can’t help but want more! I was explaining to God how when I walk into church it makes me feel like ice cream no longer exists. That the ingredients are gone, or the ability to make it has been lost and it’s terrifying.

I’m not sure if I was making any sense to Him, but I do know that at that exact moment – on a back road with almost no traffic whatsoever, a Blue Bell truck drove by.

I began laughing so hard tears filled my eyes!

I thanked God for his understanding and unique sense of humor. I know He was listening. I know that was a sign. I think it was a sign that was meant to say – ice cream still exists and it’s everywhere you look. There’s no chance we’ll ever be without ice cream – because where there is a will – there is a way!

Thank you Lord for listening.
Thank you Lord for being there.
Thank you Lord for ice cream!