Here we go again…

Working on a craft for the cookbook I once again was shocked to learn that bean sprouts came from beans. Yes, I know the name is a great factor in this explanation but I really had no idea that bean sprouts came directly from the bean. I thought it was another type of plant – I don’t know why.

How to Grow Bean Sprouts

According to the grow-at-home directions, you moisten some dried beans, any kind, and keep moist in a jar. In a week they will begin to sprout. In two weeks the bean sprouts will be about 2-3 inches long and ready for harvesting.

Now, I’ve never been one to want to eat bean sprouts, but it’s cool to know how they are made, and how easy it is to do. But that led me to wonder, if you harvest the sprouts at 3 inches, how will you ever get bean plants to grow more beans?

Follow me here…

  • A bean will grow a bean sprout.
  • If you don’t harvest it at 2 weeks it’ll begin to grow leaves.
  • If it continues to grow into a plant it’ll grow beans.

So if those beans then sprout, you can harvest those bean sprouts or let them grow into a plant which will produce more beans and sprout a new plant.

In a childlike mind it makes Jack’s magic bean story almost plausible.

Fortunately, a quick google search produced results of the “Life of a Bean” and we learn that beans are grown in pods and those beans would need to fall out, dry and then sprout on their own to start a new plant, but I like my graphic idea better. It’s more fun.

However, when you gain more knowledge you tend to ask more questions… like was it the bean plant that produced the pod that created the bean first…

Or was it the bean that created the sprout that created the plant to grow the bean – and if it was this one, where did the first bean come from? A plant?

Things that make you go – huh?