So my illustrator mentioned there was a Unicorn Day and she believed it was on February 11th. But before I added it to my calendar – I did a little research, just to confirm.

Did you know there is a National Unicorn Day AND an International Unicorn Day? Did you know cultures from all over the world have celebrated or made decrees that there will be a Unicorn Day? I found that fascinating!

The problem was, there were a LOT of conflicting information and it seemed I couldn’t find anyone that celebrated it on the same day.

  • Someone on Yahoo answers said it was April 9th.
  • Someone else’s blog claimed it was January 10th.
  • World Unicorn Appreciation Day stated it fell on January 11th.
  • International Unicorn Day on Facebook declares it to be September 26th.
  • Then another Unicorn Day community on Facebook says it’s February 4th.
  • I found a Unicorn Awareness Day on September 5th.
  • One place pushed the previous Awareness Day up a day since it landed on Rosh Hashanah so they are celebrating it on September 6th.
  • Another National Unicorn Day claims to fall on March 23rd.


But then I found a historical website.

  • The 5th Annual Congress of the Mythological Animal Preservation society declared January 11 to be World Unicorn Appreciation Day in 1905.
  • Chinese Emperor Kangxi proclaimed the day to be April 4, 1664 to celebrate the one-horned Chinese Unicorn or kirin. One source claims this to be the very first day associated with unicorns to be proclaimed anywhere in the world.
  • The rare australunicorn Preservation Day falls on July 10, 1937, two months after the last known specimen in the Hobart Zoo disappeared into the bush.
  • Dissidents from the CMAP conference held their own meeting in 1906 to declare November 1st the International Day of the Unicorn.
  • And finally, Russian delegates declared World Unicorn Appreciation Day on December 29, 1905 of the Julian calendar, and it remained on that date even when the new Soviet government moved to the Gregorian calendar in 1918.


The point is – Unicorns are Awesome!
And Everyone wants to Celebrate them!

So whichever day YOU decide to celebrate the unicorn, do so with pride as this mystical creature truly deserves it! I’m thinking I’ll celebrate it on everyday that ends with Y. Why? Because I can!

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