I don’t know WHY I wrote this – but I thought it was pretty good. Of course, I’m my biggest fan. 🙂

Generation A: We found wild cherries. Picked them. Jarred them. Sold the excess and bought a bag of flour to make a cherry pie.

Generation B: We kept the seeds from the cherries and planted a field of cherries and became farmers.

Generation C: We took the cherries we grew and canned them. We then sold the canned cherries to the people to make pies.

Generation D: We went to war and had to shut down our canning plant to make ammo.

Generation E: We collected food coupons to buy an old can of cherries for a very special occasion but had to go without meat for a month to do it.

Generation F: We celebrated the war being over and took the really old canned cherries we found stockpiled in a basement and fermented them to make booze!

Generation G: We went back to buying fresh cherries because it was proof of better times to come.

Generation H: We sent little Johnny to the store to buy cherries for two cents.

Generation I: We went to the store for cherries but they had sold out of cherries so we bought strawberries instead.

Generation J: We walked uphill in the snow to buy cherries. Plus we were barefoot.

Generation K: I rode my bike to the store and bought a bag of cherries.

Generation L: I purchased cherry stock and sold it when it doubled.

Generation M: I bought cherries and put it on the charge card.

Generation N: I ate a pound of cherries in a single sitting. I also don’t understand why I weigh so much.

Generation O: We discovered cherries that hadn’t been washed were causing people to get sick so we threw away the entire crop.

Generation P: We tried splicing cherries with tobacco and found them addictive.

Generation Q: We banned the use of cherries in all public places.

Generation R: We made it a law that cherries couldn’t be modified. Now we’re suing cherry pie bakers because they add sugar.

Generation S: I drove to the farmers market in my Hummer and bought organic cherries at twice the amount of regular cherries from the store.

Generation T: I found cherries from China were cheaper.

Generation U: I bought a poster of cherries and hung it on my wall.

Generation V: I played a video game where I collected 10,000 cherries and traded them for a magic wand.

Generation W: I photoshopped faces of monkeys on a picture of a cherry.

Generation X: I sent you an emoticon of cherries.

Generation Y: …Why are we texting about cherries? Why?

Generation 1600: Because we brought cherries to America via boat and started this whole conversation over 400 years ago. eatopener_cherry

Generation Z: What’s a cherry?

Generation ZA: A cherry was once a sweet red fruit that grew plentiful in America before they and all superfluous foods were outlawed making place for cherry flavored pills that we eat today for our daily intake of nutrient supplements.

Generation Z: Oh… What’s a fruit?