This past year has been a whirlwind!

Last year, September 28th, 2021 “The First Unibear” debuted on Amazon and all online bookstores. It’s publication day was the three year anniversary of losing my father. My goal was to make a Sad Day into a Glad Day, and it sure was! I wrote the Unibear story when I was ten years old. I presented the hand drawn, rhyming story to my dad, who saved it all this time. My father pushed me to do something with “Unibear” for 30 years, and boy was he right!

We are less than one week away from the one year anniversary of “The First Unibear” book release, and what an amazing year it has been!

Unibear has been winning book awards!

Unibear debuted near the Top 100 children’s inspirational books on Amazon and in the Top 200 in Christian Poetry thanks to pre-order sales. Within the first week we had already received six 5 Star Reviews.

Best Book Monkey began promoting Unibear mid October. Story Monster promoted it in their magazine in the November holiday issue. Also, Unibear was added to Sabrina’s Unicorn Bookstore mid January.

I started the New Year with Unibear receiving our first Book Award Win – Best in Children’s Christian from the Pinnacle Book Achievement Award. January 19th we received a 5 Star Review from the Book Marketing Global Network. On January 21st, award winning author Judy Lowe did a story time reading of Unibear on JS Pathways facebook page. January 23 we received a Five Star Review from Readers Favorite.

It was March 1st, four days before my birthday, it was announced that Unibear was a Red Ribbon Winner with the Wishing Shelf Book Awards in the UK. April 4th we received another 5 Star Book Review from Donovan’s Literary Service.

Then, on May 3rd I was interviewed regarding why I like writing poetry for children’s books. May 27th I received another 5 Star Review, this time from the Literary Titan. On June 3rd it was announced that Unibear had Won the Literary Titan Book Award!! Unibear was winning numerous book awards.

July 11th Unibear won Honorable Mention from the Purple Dragonfly Book Awards.

On August 3rd I signed a contract with an agent who began pitching Unibear to film producers. He is actively seeking Film Option Agreements for production of book-to-film. He’s even submitted Unibear to other Award Contests and Professional Reviews!!!

August 16th I found out Unibear was a Finalist with the North Texas Book Festival and it won First Place in Picture Books on August 20th! On August 31st I did another interview, this time with the Book Marketing Buzz. Unibear is featured on and so many other great websites.

On September 1st I discovered I had won the Silver Medal Book Award with the Readers Favorite! I am soooo looking forward to traveling to Miami Florida with my step-mom Sherri to attend the Awards Ceremony and receive my award on stage. I pray I get to say something because all I really want to say is “Thanks Dad for believing in me!”

I’m just beyond thrilled with how it has been going so far. I am so honored and proud to say that my father was right! Either that, or he is pulling some major strings from heaven. Either way, Thank you Dad. I miss you more than you can ever know… or maybe you do know.

Here are some of the many award posts on Facebook.

Pinnacle book achaivement book award winner
literary titan book award winner
Honorable mention book award winner purple dragonfly
Readers Favorite silver medal  book award winner
red ribbon book award winner Wishing shelf awards
First place book award winner north texas book festival

And there may be more coming!!!

If you haven’t had an opportunity to read the story, now is your chance.
Buy it on Amazon. Barnes & Noble. Walmart. Powell Books. Books-A-Million. And so many others.

There is a beautiful Hardback book. (With Scripture)

A great paperback book. (Showcasing the awards)

A black and white coloring book. (With Full Story!)

The e-book, and an audio book. (Preview the Kindle here: —>)

There’s even an interactive book on Magic Blox. (A Great subscription book service for children.)

Learn more about it on my website follow the links. Order a book direct from me and receive an autographed copy! And if you HAVE read the book, please consider leaving a review. Reviews help sell and promote books.

This book will make an excellent Christmas Gift or Donation to a Church or Library. Help spread the message of love, kindness and giving, as God had wanted, by sharing this post with your friends and family. Thank you again and God Bless!

The First Unibear childrens book by author Kathleen J Shields wins multiple book awards