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Texas Author Wins Two Awards for Children’s Cookbook

Teaching Children to Make Fun Healthy Snacks with Easy Kid-Friendly Recipes

August 3, 2017 – Kathleen J. Shields a prolific writer and award-Winning Texas Author announces the “Hamilton Troll Cookbook” a top-notch, educational children’s cookbook that has already won 2 awards (First Place Cookbook from the Texas Association of Authors and First Place Food Related from the Purple Dragonfly awards). This book is creatively written for Children to learn fun ways to make delicious recipes that are surprisingly good for them.

Hamilton Troll Cookbook Wins 2 Awards Purple Dragonfly and Texas Association of Authors First Place

Hamilton Troll Cookbook Wins 2 Awards Purple Dragonfly and Texas Association of Authors First Place

“They’re easy to make recipes that children can do themselves with crazy names like Troll Snot. Each recipe has a crazy name, a rhyming poem to go with each, an illustration, picture, ingredients and directions”. Kathleen J. Shields added “This is a stand-alone cookbook but pairs well with the “Hamilton Troll Adventures” an award-winning educational series, 15 story books with a coloring & activity book and a curriculum workbook. My stories are fully illustrated, rhyming and entertaining.”

Kathleen J. Shields is a vast and exquisite Author who has received a myriad of awards with 26 published books so far and plans for many more. She’s also a business owner and Christian. She offers educational tidbits about writing, publishing, graphics design and much more. She has ground breaking records in inspirational messages and food for thought, while throwing in some crazy topics every once in a while.

Kathleen J. Shields hosts Hamilton Troll’s website, which contains games for children to play, videos to watch “I call it Troll TV”, and there are printable coloring pages and activities. Shields has also developed a curriculum to go along with the series. Parents, teachers and homeschoolers can work language arts, math and science into their day of Hamilton Troll. The curriculum book available on Amazon contains over 100 pages and is also available in a printable PDF from her website.

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Press Release Cookbook Wins Two Awards

Local Texas Author Wins 2 Awards for Children's Cookbook

Local Texas Author Wins 2 Awards for Children’s Cookbook