Excellent news Hamilton Troll fans…

We WON the 2014 Texas

Association of Authors Book Contest for

Best Children’s Book under 7!

Children under 7That is right!

Hamilton Troll meets Dinosaurs
is now an Award-Winning Book!


I know I couldn’t have done it without my super talented illustrators Leigh A. Klug and Carol W. Bryant whom I met at church and give all the credit to God’s plan for us.

It is a wonderful feeling to know that we are truly making a difference in young children’s lives and others are acknowledging our hard work for it. Our hopes are that we will continue to produce fun, fully-illustrated rhyming educational stories with strong moral values and enjoyable content for years to come. Hamilton Troll has another dozen stories waiting to be told and we truly feel this will be a series that will be shared with children for generations to come.



For Immediate Release
Contact: B. Alan Bourgeois, Director
(512) 554-9560


SNAPPY TITLES, RIVETING CONTENT SELECTED BY TAA AS 2014 WINNERS Austin, TX –Readers of the delightful titles selected for Texas Association of Authors Best Book Awards would agree that the selected books are winning reads and top-tier selections in their categories. By any measure, excellent books from this years’ list are of stellar quality and are delivering to readers who love to fall into the pages of them the experience of climbing out with the greatest of satisfaction. The newest slate of winners come from various genres.

Hamilton Troll Meets Dinosaurs, Kathleen J. Shields, Children Under 7

This was the third year for TxAuthors to select winning titles by Texas Authors.

TxAuthors is currently accepting entries for books published during 2014. This year’s winners can be found along with the previous year’s winners at TxAuthors.com. Texas Association of Authors focuses on promoting authors within the Lone Star State.

The association leverages the knowledge and expertise of various authors to facilitate promotion of their works locally and globally.

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Buy this award-winning book to add to your collection today! Thank you again to all who voted and are helping to make Hamilton troll a success!