One of the goals for my blog is to provide inspiration for writers to follow their dreams, and one of the biggest problems writers face is writers block! That is why I am starting something new here,

Writing Prompts!  –  A Game

Every once in a while, in order to light the fire for creative writing, I’m going to post a writing prompt. I’ll write a sentence or two of what comes to my mind – then in the comments field below – I ask you to write a sentence or two of your own to the writing prompt. I’d love to see what we all come up with. Anyone can post, you don’t have to sign up or have an account to comment, anyone can add on to another’s post, or comment regarding mine. It will be organized under the category of Writing Prompts, and it may help you get those juices flowing. It may even help someone get back in the writers seat or inspire a child to start writing.  Let’s all write and have fun with it!


“I looked down and saw it. I couldn’t believe it, but there it was…”


My ring that had been missing for two weeks. Certain it was gone forever. Certain someone had found it and absconded with it. I look down in the sand of the playground, just under the slide and there it was shimmering brightly in the afternoon sun. How could I have lost it there? I never take it off…


Go –

Now finish the sentence to the writing prompt above: “…but there it was…