Last week I wrote about how I was interviewed for a column titled, Author Questions FOR Successful Authors. That was not only an awesome feeling of joy, but humbling as well because someone considered little ‘ol me a success! Insert big grin here.

Well after typing up my responses I realized this was incredibly helpful information that everyone should have access to. My goal as an author is of course, to sell books – but my main goal is to make friends. One of the best ways I can do that is by helping other authors see their dreams become a reality. I thoroughly enjoy helping authors succeed because we’re not competitors, we’re potential besties!

So I hope this advice helps some of you. Make sure to sign up to follow future posts!

Q. What is the first step I can do to effectively start marketing my book? I have been published for 8 months with 0 sales. Without marketing on Amazon it’s hard to get noticed.

A. That is technically two separate issues – to effectively market your book, you truly must start marketing BEFORE the book is released. Your fans need to have anticipation for it, to look forward to it, to signup for presales, because a good first day with a ton of presales can get your book on the best sellers list which is one of the best things you can do for it!

However, if your book has been out for eight months and you haven’t gotten a sale, you’ve missed a ton of potential. It isn’t over yet, but you’ve let your book go stagnant and that is not a good thing. Most publishers want to see big numbers in sales in the first year. Most book contests only accept books published in the current year – and THAT is my first suggestion, enter a contest. If your book wins, it is an award-winning book. Promoting it will be a bit easier. Their promotions will help advance your book to the forefront of shoppers screens and that is an excellent first step.