Why I am I working so hard on my writing? Why am I putting so many books out? Why am I writing so many blogs? Where do I find the time for it all?

It’s the fact that time is running out that is pushing me so hard towards finishing these goals.  God gave me all of these stories; stories I have been writing for years, since high school, since before high school. Things that I have started but haven’t finished… come close to… but alas, haven’t finished.

Time got away from me the past decade or so.  Working, surviving to make ends meet, exhaustion after work, just regular life stuff left no time to focus on my dreams. And as I get busier work-wise (or hopefully book signing wise) I may let time pass me by again, but I will try not to.

Why?  Because once I am gone there will be no one left here to do it! Who is going to follow my dreams for me after I die? No one! They have their own dreams to follow.  Who’s going to finish my books and publish them after I am gone? No one, those that can will be doing for themselves, and why shouldn’t they?

The fact of the matter is; we are ALL running out of time.

timefliesWhether it’s the best of times, or worst of times, it’s the only time we’ve got. – Art Buchwald

Our lives could be over tomorrow, have you accomplished everything you wanted to do?  Have you said everything that needed to be said? Have you done all that you had planned?

While I imagine I will be around for quite a while longer, the truth is, I don’t know when it will end and that is something that really bothers me.  While I doubt I will get the chance to finish everything on my list (it is rather long after all) I do want to feel a grand sense of accomplishment as I go.  I don’t want to meet my maker with the feelings of regret as I had when I looked back on the past decade of work and nothing else.