John 3:16 – God gave his only son…

That scripture has always meant so much to so many. But the other day, I had an epiphany about it and now, it means even more to me.

Recently, I gave my son, my dog Smurphy. He went back to Jesus – and it helped me realize God gave his only son to teach us. When we lose a pet, who’s life span is shorter, much shorter than our own, it is to show us His way.

He gave us dogs to be reminders of Jesus, the son he gave. Dogs love you unconditionally, just like Jesus. But it is so much more than that. To them, we are their world. In a way, they care for us like God cares for us because their entire existence revolves around us and our happiness. God wants to see us learn and grow.

When we lose a pet, it hurts us, just like it hurt Him. But it strengthens us, teaches us. That is what He was trying to do. At least, that was my epiphany.