The other day I was revisiting old pictures of my late dog Smurphy and I came across a few that took me aback. Pictures that, by themselves wouldn’t have had any significant meaning – were reminders of past sighs and disappointments.

You see our entertainment system cycles through hundreds of family pictures and whenever I see a picture of Smurphy I put on that sad smile and say hi to my long lost boy. Whenever I do though, I hear Ruppy, the dog who loves me and is still here – sigh.  Those sighs, generate a guilt within me, that lead me his way to give him some much needed loving.

Yet when I was going through the pictures that didn’t make it on the entertainment center – I began to discover a connection. Many that had been out of focus, or Smurphy was turned away or someone else had ‘photo bombed’ the picture, were disregarded, but some of those were simply Ruppy’s attempt at getting me to notice him.

I had spent so much time in Smurphy’s last months trying to capture his life, I ignored the others in my life who were going to remain. Some of the pictures looked like Ruppy smiling at the camera – so happy I was paying attention to him – so happy I was taking his picture.

Look ma, look at me.

Look ma, look at me.

She's taking my picture.

She’s taking my picture.

Then it occurred to me – how often we do that in our everyday lives – Forget about those that aren’t ‘as important at the time’ or disregard or delete those moments because ‘someone else got in the way’. It’s another simple reminder that every moment counts and every soul does too.

Do I matter?

Do I matter?

Just because you are focusing all of your attention on your child, your project or your loved one – doesn’t mean there aren’t others in your life trying desperately to be loved by you. Open your hearts and your eyes to the faces in your pictures and try to read their eyes.

Are they telling you –

         I’m here. Just look at me.

Or are they asking –

       Do I even matter?