So the other day I was driving in a city – something I don’t do often and even with GPS I found myself in the wrong lane with no warning signs that it was about to end. I signal. Check my mirrors, wait for the closest car to pass. Then see that I had plenty of space before the next car to get over. I start to merge left only to realize that car had sped up considerably, so much so that I couldn’t get over. I slow, wait for him to pass, then get over. As soon as I’m behind him, I saw him stick his hand out the window and flip me off.


So, not only did you not let me over, nearly causing an accident, you flip me off as if I was intentionally trying to ruin your day. If anything, he was trying to ruin my day, but he failed. I continued on, shaking my head, and began wondering why the world was so angry? And from what I can see, he’s the reason why.

So Person B gets rattled by Person A who in turn gets unnecessarily angry at Person C and the trickle down effect continues, expanding exponentially throughout the day, continuing the next day and the next.

Instead of spreading the anger, why not pass forward the good? How about next time someone signals to get over, you don’t speed up, but instead, let them over. They/I will wave thank you which will make you smile and feel good with your deed. You will find joy in helping someone else out who in turn will help the next person.

By the end of the day, the joy will have spread exponentially and the next day will be just as nice.

The next time you are angry, try doing something nice, instead of something mean and see how it makes you feel. I dare ya.