The other day I was stuck in traffic, construction traffic, with no shoulders, no turn lanes and then came the train.  Cars were backed up as far as the eye could see and we waited… And waited.

Finally the train ended, the gates went up and the traffic started flowing – slowly.

As my side started forward I began noticing how the other side was still stopped, and as I got closer to the plug – I realized it was someone needing to make a left turn.

His side couldn’t pass him. My side wouldn’t let him through.  As I looked in my rearview mirror I saw so many cars behind me that I realized that guy and everyone behind him were going to be stuck there for a very long time.

In fact if anyone on my side needed to turn left we’d all be stuck….

So I stopped.

I let him turn left in front of me.

I probably really annoyed the person in the car behind me, I mean we had already waited a very long time and this was another delay….

But the way I see it, is: my side was delayed another five seconds… But his side was saved five minutes. I imagine many happy folks on the other side appreciative for what I did and I hope that maybe those put off by my deed on my side, eventually understood my actions and took it to heart. Maybe it touched their heart just enough that day to do the same for someone else down the road.

Maybe if we all took five seconds to do a nice thing, we all could have better days.

Generous acts and really good deeds,
Are exactly what our little world needs.