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Have you heard of MagicBlox?

Hamilton Troll meets Pink Light Sprite

Hamilton Troll meets Pink Light Sprite

If not, let me tell you about them. In 2009 MagicBlox set out to provide quality ebooks for children 1-13 on an interactive platform for children and they allowed for the implementation of audio files to be connected so the story can be read to younger children as they look at the pictures. Since, as far as I know, this is the only place that offers this feature at the time, and I am always looking for new opportunities for Hamilton Troll… I had to jump on it.

As of now we have teamed up with Cat Lookabaugh who is a professional narrator and who has already narrated Hamilton Troll meets Pink Light Sprite and Hamilton Troll meets Skeeter Skunk and both books can be found on MagicBlox.

Hamilton Troll meets Skeeter Skunk

Hamilton Troll meets Skeeter Skunk

We find this platform to be a wonderful opportunity. It helps busy parents who don’t have time for reading to their children and it helps children learn to read while enjoying new books. It reminds me of the books that came with records (what were they? 45s?) And we’d play the record on the player and turn the page when you heard the ding.

Same theory but it is now an mp3 player embedded in the website or app and it is connected to ebooks allowing ALL authors and publishers new and established to promote their books in yet another venue.

Check it out! You will be glad you did!


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    Welcome to MagicBlox!


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