It amazes me the people who are drawn to “The Painting” and how it affects them upon reading it. I’ve received some incredible email responses, inspirational stories, memories the book drew up – it’s nice to know the story is doing good for others. Below is a message I received from a lady who read my book.

“I just finished The Painting, and I have to tell you that the story is lovely. When everyone went into the painting and Gerald couldn’t stop them, it reminded me of an incident I had as a duty aide on a playground.

It was in Arizona, and there was a baby lizard that the kids kept following around. I yelled at them to leave it alone, but they wouldn’t listen, and they didn’t stop. It was a mob of 6 and 7 year olds. Finally, they chased it into a cranny of a building, but the cranny wasn’t big enough for it to fit all the way in. The lizard died, and the kids didn’t seem to understand that it was their fault. They didn’t mean to do it any harm.

They were children excited about God’s creation, but they were so excited that they destroyed it without understanding what they were doing.”

While her story is sad it is also great symbolism as to how Gerald felt when he couldn’t protect his painting from the people of his world. God can’t stop us from doing what we want even if it is going to hurt us or others. Yet, it’s when we see the results of our actions, that we learn a valuable lesson that seems to stick with us throughout our lives.

Life lessons through the eyes of a child.

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