Oh look at those shoes – oh my, they’re so cute!

Look at those heels. I look so astute.

The leather, the lace, the cloth and the buckles,

I can’t wait to wear them – each lady chuckles.


But lo – when you wear them, your head held up high.

You’re feeling so proud of your excellent buy.

But as the day goes, each step wearies on,

You begin to consider these shoes are hell’s spawn.


Your ankles are swelling, your dogs do they bark,

Your heels and your muscles shoot up like a spark.

You look forward to home time, to kick off your shoes,

and walk in your slippers – Shoe Anguish Blues.


The very next morning the pumps call to you.

They’re still so amazing, a beautiful shoe.

So like every woman, we forget all our pain.

We’re sisters in anguish – yes, we are so vain.


Each step that we take, a reminder a hint.

Every ooh and ahh – a valued compliment…

The emotions run wild, does it confuse?

Glance in a window – Oh look at those shoes!