Anyone ever feel like this???

Oh my, oh my, what can I do?
I’m filling up with doubt.
My thinking cap must have a hole
‘Cause my thoughts keep coming out!

The other day I went upstairs,
…To get what?  I don’t know.
And as I stood there like a bump on a log
That hole began to grow.

Out came my memories of what to do
There went my thoughts away
And as I returned back down the stairs
Those memories stayed gone all day!

It wasn’t until night, at 2 am
When I awoke from a sound sleep
And yelled “A-ha!” at the top of my lungs
Which made my husband *!%* bleep.

The other day I was on the phone
Talking about my job
When suddenly I forgot the simplest word.
My brain must be a blob!

Because out it came my thoughts and plans
Right through my thinking caps hole
And I’ll be darned if I could find it.
I’m loosing all control!

So I decided I could fix this thing
Seal the hole by wearing a hat?
But as I stepped inside my closet
I simply forgot about that.

I think I may need rescuing
So I’m typing out this plan
Just incase I might forget again
You’ll remember. Yes you can.

I know I’m not a seamstress
So could you bring me needle and thread?
And maybe mend my thinking cap
To keep my thoughts inside my head.

My friend, I haven’t much time left
Since I’m missing so much brain.
And friend if things keep dripping out
I know I’ll go insane

So please hear my plea, and help me out
So this forgetfulness will end…


Uh, hey you said you wrote something…
But you never did press send.