When traveling up north (I’m from Texas) I came across those crazy cloverleaf’s on the road. They are so completely confusing to us southerners who are used to simply making a left turn that I couldn’t wrap my head around them for the longest time.

If you look at it from overhead, like from a helicopter, you can see the method to the madness.  But when you are on the road and all you see is a curve framed by trees that you can’t see past, and you are merging with traffic, exiting immediately, doing another curve, merging with traffic, exiting immediately, doing another curve, merging with traffic… by now I’ve lost track of whether that was 3 curves or four and GOD FORBID it was four and I have to start ALL over again!  The dizziness, the headache, the oh my gosh why can’t I JUST make a simple left turn!!!

And then what is left but the wrong answer, that you totally will NEVER live down.  But what about when I am right? That hardly ever gets credit muchless remembered but one wrong move, one forgotten task, one little mistake, it is there forever.

Then there is the two wrongs thing… You accidentally break something you shouldn’t have even been messing with – wrong. You hide the evidence so you don’t get in trouble – wrong. But they find out anyway, so no right. But what if you throw in a third wrong, they ask you what happened and you blame the dog – wrong. Yeah, you’ll have guilt, especially if the dog gets in trouble… OKAY! Okay. I take it back! It was me! Why couldn’t that have been the left? You stood up. Accepted your punishment. Kept the dog from getting punished… that deserves a right, right? A proper left turn. But alas, no.  Because left is left and right is right and wrong is wrong no matter what… so exactly why do those cloverleaf’s exist then?